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World Maternal Anti-Fibrinolytic Trial


  • nickygrace Nicky Grace 11 Jun 2013

    Hi, it's wonderful to see the WOMAN trial featured on the mother-child link of the global health network - thank you! I'm a senior research midwife based in Nottingham, UK. In Nottingham we've been working on the WOMAN trial since August 2011, and the UK aspect of the trial is now nearly complete. It would be geat to link up with other research midwives/nurses working internationally as we've been really proud to work on this research.

  • emsokaus ELIZABETH FRANCIS 26 Sep 2013

    Dear Nicky,
    Thank you for the comment, my name is Elizabeth Francis I studied at Nottingham class 2008. Advanced Nursing Science. I am interested HIV/AIDS and I have done the clinical trial for the pregnant women on ART entrapment. This time I am doing the mentor ship study with Undergraduates. I will be happy to be involved in your network so as we can work together.

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